Lauren Snider-Thoroughbred Trainer

Lauren Snider-Thoroughbred Trainer

Thoroughbred trainer based in Kentucky, convenient to OH, IN, WV, PA. TOP CLASS horse care is our first priority!

27 yrs competitive show experience and 12 years racetrack experience before obtaining my trainer’s license in 2012. Worked for several top class stables in both the racing and Eventing realms. 65% top 3 and 18% win in 2013. Top class horse care is our first priority!!!  Happy, healthy, educated horses win races. Based at Turfway Park/Belterra Park, will run at any surrounding tracks (ie. Churchill, Mountaineer, etc..) Intro rate of $45/day.


  1. Jessie schwarz says:

    Hi my name is Jessie and I rode eventing. I have been riding for 9 years and my friend Cara and I were wondering about exercise riding when we are old enough. I am only 14 now but I would love to do this when I’m old enough. So how old do you have to be? How tall? How thin? Experience? I would love if you would email me answers and maybe give me some contacts

  2. Josh says:

    Hi my name is Josh Durkot… I am very interested in becoming a tb racehorse trainer… I’m willing to work for free, pay, and also I have no problem moving anywhere in the country to pursue my dream. If you could help or push me in the right direction it would be much appreciated. Please anything helps.. I seem to be at a dead end.

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