Greg Wolfe, thoroughbred trainer

Greg Wolfe, thoroughbred trainer

Greg Wolfe is currently seeking owners and horses for the Turf Paradise meet

Greg Wolfe is a thoroughbred trainer based in Indiana. After working for a breeder for the last several years, Greg has resumed training and seeks new clients. Please contact him for day rate information, or to discuss compensation deals that may work for both owner and trainer.  


  1. mark smith says:

    Hi greg I have a yearling coming to colt that im looking for a trainer to take on a pecentage basis. This guy has an awsome pedigree and looks very promising just trying to get things in place. If you might be interested please e mail or call me 9892933821 he is indiana bred

  2. Michael hoffmeister says:

    Hi greg, I am interested in becoming an owner in the next year or two and was wondering what your rates are and how everything works. Hope to hear from you soon and hopefully begin a good relationship. Also I live in illinois, so I would like to stay in the midwest. You can reach me via email or my cell: 708-638-1670


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