Steven Campbell

Steven Campbell

Racehorse trainer Finger Lakes

I’m looking for one or two horses to train and race at Finger Lakes and other nearby tracks. I’m young in the industry and want to stay small for now. Just one or two horses. I gallop and groom my own horses so rest assured that each athlete is well known and trained individually. Until recently I’ve ran horses that I’ve trained under other trainers’ names but decided to get my license and train publicly. I understand the hesitation in using a young trainer but given a shot I will NOT disappoint. Young horses are my specialty.   


  1. Michael Benain says:

    Steven, I would like to know a little bit more about what you do, also the horses you presently have or have recently work with . I am an owner, with a few friends who own horses also, and is thinking of racing at finger lakes for the coming new year.

    • Steven says:

      Hello Michael,
      Sorry about the late reply, things have been very busy for my family and I. I am not currently training although I have a full time envolvement with the industry. I work for Morrisville State College teaching students in the Equine Racing Program. I also run a farrier buisness outside the college on and off the track. I can recommend some trainers who are small but honest and very hands on with their horses. Let me know if I can be of more assistance. Steven

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