International Racehorse Transport

International Racehorse Transport

IRT, International racehorse transport, the world’s most trusted horse transport company, offers shipping of all breeds of horse and other animals, pets, all around the globe.

IRT is the most trusted international horse transport company in the world. We have been transporting livestock around the globe since 1972 and have steadily built our broad, but intimate global network ever since. Today IRT is called upon to move all sorts of horses, to every corner of the globe…from competition and racing horses, to rare, special breeds, and family pets.  


  1. bethany says:

    How much do you charge?

    • admin says:

      I don’t know what Chip Woolly charges but Jere Smith Jr. charges $65/day and we itemize a lot of things like bandages, supplements, topicals like furacin ointment, etc. And I will be frank – we are not making enough at this rate to cover our travel and housing expenses.

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